Sunday, April 27, 2014


Theres a demon in me keep wanting to be a teacher sigh idk man i just feel like teaching ?????? ughh

Thursday, July 4, 2013

well hello

wah i havent been here since last year and i still dont know what to blog
basically im living my life happily ((a little stress because of thesis)) and still into shinee

but missing my friends T_T
when can i see them T_T

wah daebak i only have 3 posts in 2012........

Monday, February 13, 2012

lol okay

I've been trying to write a good title, but yeaa couldn't think of one.
Probably because I don't really have stuffs to write...................................

nothing much happened
ahhhh I went breakfast with my best friends I had a really good time to be honest!
we took lots of pictures omg speaking of whichhh i forgot to check out the pictures....


and uhm yea i kinda wish the semester to start now, i don't have anything to do at home
and yea seriously i'm bored and ugh
onew is missing :c

so yeah please i want to study i don't want to be bothered by onew's absence ;_;

and uhmmm yeahhh orz
i don't really know what to talk about i'm going to end this!

Thursday, February 2, 2012


Lol it's been awhile!
Nahhh I wasn't busy or anything
I was just hmmmmm drowning myself in the fandom idk
I was suppose to stay away from SHINee but lol not now ;_;

Oh btw, I have already bought Simple Plan's Get Your Heart On!!!
It's a good album, tho I'm not really into SP's lyrics, but the songs are good!
I actually have ALL their albums, except that I only have the cassette of their 1st album.....

Anyway, I actually spent lots of quality times with family and friends, I feel great tbh

but yeah kind of worried of results, the last paper was bad :(
well I did my best ?

OKAY that's all!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


It was my birthday yesterday lol
I am 21 now u_u
Well my exams start tomorrow wish me luck! :)

Friday, December 16, 2011


i've been thinking this morning
i really want to leave the kpop fandom, but i need new things to do u_u
well not the kpop fandom, i want to leave the shinee fandom basically because i only listen to them nowadays
sigh so what should i do
orz orz
i love them so much it's unhealthy already so yeah i need to leave them
poor shinee everyone is leaving them

i should start cooking or smthg

Thursday, December 15, 2011

bday wishlist

lmao I forgot about this
well actually i am planning to ~reward~ myself for my birthday

so i am so confused what to buy because i want everything in this world
okay these are the things that i want and i might get one of these for myself lol

- simple plan - get your heart on (sob i have always wanted this orz)
- shinee - the shinee world concert in japan photobook
- shinee - diary (sob i don't use diaries but the pics are awesome kjshadkl)
- lots and lots of hairbands with ribbon kjsdhkjh the ones in sunway pyramid ;~;
- oh yes ok this is shinee's again.. hm QueenCy's DVD u_u she stalked shinee a lot i want her dvd lskdhds
- uhm a new bag ?
- onew
- ring ding dong & the shinee world sobbb the shinee world will do i love all the songs in this album
- harry potter dvd box set lol
- new shoes ;~;
- onew
- can i get an onew sob
- pls

okay so yeah
i want to leave the shinee fandom tbh i hate sme you're making me wanting everythinggg